Camping in the Desert

Jordan. We had a brief stop over in the capital city Amman but at the first opportunity, hit the road to see the real reasons you would come to Jordan, camping under the stars in the Wadi Rum desert, floating in the dead sea and the spectacular city of Petra.

Hitchhikers Guide to Finland

Finland. Starting in Helsinki we slowly made our way north using only the power of our thumbs! The trickiest part of our trip was getting away from the airport, surrounded by motorways we struggled to find a spot to actually start trying to hitch a ride. Getting people to stop while they are doing 70kmph…

Conquering the Alps

Thirteen days, 950ish miles and very sore bums. Two best friends and I completed our “Europa Challenge”, starting from where we live in Greenwich, London, down to Dover, ferry to Calais, through Eastern France, getting into Switzerland and the dreaded task of scaling the alps, down into beautiful Italy and across to Venice. This was…

Countries Visited: 65 / 195
Continents Visited: 6 / 7