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Land of the Rising Sun

Japan. Flying in from Shanghai, we had a jam packed schedule for what turned out to be a spectacular week long journey around western Japan. We flew in to Osaka but headed straight to Kyoto, then from there we visited Mount Koya, Nara and Himeji all in the Kansai region, Hiroshima in the Chugoku region,…

Bright Lights, Big City

Shanghai, China. Hitting 305km/h we raced south on the Chinese version of the bullet train headed for China’s financial capital and the second most populated city in the World. Even at these speeds Beijing isn’t exactly next door and the journey still takes around 5 hours which got us there just before the sun was…

The Great Wall

Beijing, China. We finally made it, which surprisingly was no mean feat. Put aside the 2 stop overs and 16 hours flying time to get here, that’s the easy part. To get a VISA to be allowed into the country you have to visit the Chinese embassy no earlier than 4 weeks but no later…

Arabian Nights

Abu Dhabi & Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If you can stand the searing heat at the peak of summer, then I would definitely recommend coming here now rather than waiting for the winter sun for two very big reasons, one, flights are so cheap, so much so that if you book at the right time…

Camping in the Desert

Jordan. We had a brief stop over in the capital city Amman but at the first opportunity, hit the road to see the real reasons you would come to Jordan, camping under the stars in the Wadi Rum desert, floating in the dead sea and the spectacular city of Petra.

Countries Visited: 61 / 195
Continents Visited: 6 / 7