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Fiji Time

Fiji, the third leg of our Australasian adventure, we couldn’t resist taking the short flight from Auckland. We based ourselves just outside of Nadi and spent most of our time exploring the many islands that make up Fiji. Bliss!

Kiwi Road Trip

New Zealand, North Island. Our main town stop off points on our road trip were: Auckland -> Hamilton -> Taupo -> Rotorua -> Tauranga -> White Island -> Coromandel -> Auckland. More to come soon.    

Blue Mountains

Sydney, Australia. The starting point of our 3 week holiday after the longest journey either of us has ever undertaken. If memory serves me well I believe it was about 33 hours door to door and some very confused body clocks. Sydney is a great city, it’s absolutely vast, all built around the harbor. Everyone…

Countries Visited: 61 / 195
Continents Visited: 6 / 7