Driving in Tuscany

The region of Tuscany in Italy was the main feature of our Italian road trip but we also explored the surrounding areas including the beautiful Cinque Terre, See my favourite photos of the trip below.      

Midnight Sun

  Tromso & Olso, Norway. We visited Norway in peak summer to undertake the midnight sun marathon. The race starts at 9pm and unless you are a professional athlete or a very good armature, you will still be running come midnight with the sun still shining. The most northern official marathon, this is a great one to add to the list with far reaching mountains making…

Fiji Time

Fiji, the third leg of our Australasian adventure, we couldn’t resist taking the short flight from Auckland. We based ourselves just outside of Nadi and spent most of our time exploring the many islands that make up Fiji. Bliss!

Kiwi Road Trip

New Zealand, North Island. Our main town stop off points on our road trip were: Auckland -> Hamilton -> Taupo -> Rotorua -> Tauranga -> White Island -> Coromandel -> Auckland. More to come soon.    

Blue Mountains

Sydney, Australia. The starting point of our 3 week holiday after the longest journey either of us has ever undertaken. If memory serves me well I believe it was about 33 hours door to door and some very confused body clocks. Sydney is a great city, it’s absolutely vast, all built around the harbor. Everyone is very friendly, you will be asked “How’re you going?” on…

Church of the Assumption

Lake Bled, Slovenia. With little else to do than hire a boat and row yourselves over to the only island in Slovenia where the Church of the Assumption sits, Lake Bled is a very nice place to visit for a day if you are passing through but I wouldn’t make it a destination in it’s self. We actually were in Venice, Italy, and we decided to…

City of Reflections

Venice, Italy. This was our final destination on our thirteen day cycle from London and what a great place to end it. We arrived in peak summer and although that meant lovely weather, it also meant a hell of a lot of people. The street sellers were out in force and the tourists flooded in by the bucket load (excuse the pun). Although this did annoy…

Conquering the Alps

Thirteen days, 950ish miles and very sore bums. Two best friends and I completed our “Europa Challenge”, starting from where we live in Greenwich, London, down to Dover, ferry to Calais, through Eastern France, getting into Switzerland and the dreaded task of scaling the alps, down into beautiful Italy and across to Venice. This was our first cycle touring experience, apart from Chris who had previously…

Countries Visited: 51 / 195
Continents Visited: 4 / 7