Snowdonia, Wales. With our American road trip postponed once again due to the pandemic, we all found ourselves with time off work in the diary but no planned place to go. Last minute searching, this time a bit closer to home, we found ourselves drawn to North Wales with it’s dramatic landscapes and group activities in abundance and still within a driveable distance from home, Sorted!

Some very busy roads gave us seven long hours in the car but we finally made it across the bridge into Wales, and what’s the first thing you do when you arrive in Snowdonia I hear you ask? Climb Snowdon of course! And come morning, after a much needed nights sleep, that’s exactly what we did. We found out later that there are usually only a handful of clear days a year at the top so we were incredibly lucky with the day we chose to go as we had nothing but pure sunshine and the only clouds a distant view.

The whole area around Snowdon is beautiful so once back down we spent the rest of the day around the lake (Llyn Llydaw) and a few short stops on our way home. The hotel we were staying at was right next to Surf Snowdonia, a man made lake that creates perfect waves for all abilities to go surfing. The only surfer in our group (Tom) gave it a good few goes most mornings while we were here and it was a great watch.

Snowdon, Wales
Snowdon, Wales
Snowdon Summit, Wales

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