Phoenix City

Warsaw, Poland. After devastating sieges and battles during the second world war, 85% of Warsaw’s buildings were completely destroyed and left in ruins. Later they were re-built & reconstructed to the capital’s former glory which gained it the nickname of Phoenix City and is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Observation Deck, Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw, Poland

Cornavirus has meant that our trips this year have been very limited but in between the first and second UK lock downs, we just managed to squeeze in a weekend to Poland’s capital city, one week before it was taken off the safe corridor list, Phew! Warsaw has had a turbulent past and is steeped in history which is evident everywhere you go, the picturesque old town is no exception with examples of architecture from nearly every European style and historical period, we did a lot of walking during our time here and it was a great way to see this all for ourselves. The weather wasn’t great for us in the last week of September but it just felt great to get away again and spend some time in a new place that wasn’t the same four walls of our London flat.

Old Town, Warsaw, Poland

Frédéric Chopin was born and grew up in Warsaw and in a few intimate venues across the city you will find live piano performances from very talented pianists. Usually something you must have to book well in advance, I think because of the pandemic and the little amount of tourists, we were able to reserve our seats and enjoy a fantastic recital of some of Chopin’s best pieces in the same evening. Prior to this we visited the Chopin museum to learn all about him and get us in the mood, both of which turned out to be a great way to finish off the day and are definitely highly recommended.

History, culture, a bit of luxury with our hotel room upgrade to a suite on the 34th floor and a free tasting menu every evening at the rooftop restaurant, and parts that weren’t so luxurious like sprinting home through a torrential down pour and getting completely soaked, our weekend in Warsaw had a bit of everything and was very enjoyable but frankly in a year like this one I’m just grateful it could happen at all.

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