City by the Bay

San Francisco, USA. We took advantage of a great deal on flights a whole year in advance to taking this trip and when the time finally came around I was slightly worried that going such a long way for a such a limited time wasn’t the best idea, but even after just the first day of arriving all concern completely disappeared when we started to see what my new favourite american city had to offer.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

Even after seeing other people’s photos and lots of films set in SF, it wasn’t until being here in the flesh that you really appreciate how incredibly steep the streets actually are. It certainly kept our legs working hard especially on the first day when we covered a lot of ground to see as much as we could walking over 30 miles before collapsing back at our hotel, who knew the Golden Gate bridge is no where near the city centre!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA
San Francisco, USA

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