Sweet like Belgian Chocolate

Brussels & Antwerp, Belgium. Having been to Brussels before, once we arrived in the capital we decided to jump straight on a train to try out another Belgian city of interest, Antwerp and aren’t we glad we did! Greeted by the stunning train station, we knew straight away it was the right decision and things just got better.

Antwerp Central Station, Antwerp, Belgium

Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp, Belgium

Through the old narrow streets with the Cathedral looming over you, the old town feels very dramatic. It’s a shame at the time we were there it had scaffolding over part of it, but I tried to hide that from my photos as best as possible. Antwerp had a lot to see in the day we spent here and should definitely be considered for a day trip if you’re spending a weekend in Brussels, I actually preferred it to the capital, it had a certain charm and the smaller amount of tourists about was a definite plus.

Grote Markt, Antwerp, Belgium

St. Anna Pedestrian Tunnel, Antwerp, Belgium

Museum aan de Stroom, Antwerp, Belgium

Kaasstraat, Antwerp, Belgium

We spent the second day back in Brussels and revisited some of our favourite sights from the first time we came here. The Atomium will always be impressive no matter how many times you see it, although the price tag has prevented us from going inside (twice)! It’s not extortionate but travelling so much means you have to stay on a strict budget or things can spiral. We also regrettably went to see the most over rated tourist attraction in the world, The Manneken Pis. What is that about? We made it slightly more fun by also going to see Het Zinneke (Peeing dog) and Jeanneke Pis (Peeing girl), The dog being my favourite.




Jeanneke Pis, Brussels, Belgium

Het Zinneke, Brussels, Belgium

Manneken Pis, Brussels, Belgium

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium


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