Blue Mountains

Sydney, Australia. The starting point of our 3 week holiday after the longest journey either of us has ever undertaken. If memory serves me well I believe it was about 33 hours door to door and some very confused body clocks. Sydney is a great city, it’s absolutely vast, all built around the harbor. Everyone is very friendly, you will be asked “How’re you going?” on many occasion. It also feels very international, it wasn’t long before we bumped into someone from near where we lived in London.

There is lots to see and do, a climb over the harbor bridge is one of my highlights, It’s a fairly pricey thing to do but well worth it, you are plonked in an over sized blue jumpsuit and harnessed up. A cable attaches you at all times as you walk and climb up and down the underside of the bridge, you soon head upwards and before the walk back on the opposite side, you get to enjoy the spectacular views of the harbor and the opera house from the very top. With a informative guide in your ear as you go, this is something not to miss.

Sydney Opera House Tour, Sydney, Australia

If you have time, a day trip on the train from Sydney to the Blue Mountains is a great thing to squeeze in. Getting up before the crack of dawn is a must though to enjoy the views and walks without the herds of tourist coaches arriving at about 9-10am. You won’t be sorry for the dedication and you can always catch up on sleep on the train home.
We didn’t have the best weather on our short 5 days in Sydney but still had a great time with an abundance of activities and things to see. Off we went for the second stage of our travels in Australasia, our North Island, New Zealand road trip.

Countries Visited: 61 / 195
Continents Visited: 6 / 7