Church of the Assumption

Lake Bled, Slovenia. With little else to do than hire a boat and row yourselves over to the only island in Slovenia where the Church of the Assumption sits, Lake Bled is a very nice place to visit for a day if you are passing through but I wouldn’t make it a destination in it’s self. We actually were in Venice, Italy, and we decided to hire a small car and take a day trip here. It was a 3 hour drive each way but the scenery in this part of the world makes it feel like half that, beautiful mountains everywhere and we even touched into Austria very briefly. In the summer they turn the ski slope into a toboggan run which was also worth doing and you get a nice elevated view of the lake at the top of the chair lift. So if you are near by, squeeze in a day trip to Lake Bled and you won’t regret it.

Lake Bled, Bled, Slovenia

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