City of Reflections

Venice, Italy. This was our final destination on our thirteen day cycle from London and what a great place to end it. We arrived in peak summer and although that meant lovely weather, it also meant a hell of a lot of people. The street sellers were out in force and the tourists flooded in by the bucket load (excuse the pun). Although this did annoy us slightly, it did not detract from the beauty of this place, truly a photographers paradise, I don’t think a bad photo of Venice could exist.

Venice, Italy

So as we were there in 2014 and I am writing this in 2017, I can’t remember too much detail about what we did, but if you are thinking of visiting Venice then do so, there is no other place like it, just be prepared for a pricey weekend away and if you go in summer time, don’t expect to get anywhere very quickly. The very narrow streets and bridges get clogged up with groups of tourists all day.




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